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Our History


Mystic Powerboats was founded in 1996 by John Cosker. The company was started in Melbourne, Florida but eventually moved to Port Orange, Florida because of its proximity to Daytona Beach. Daytona’s inlet to the ocean allowed easier real-world testing for new boats.

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Construction begins on the SL700, Mystic’s largest build at 70’x16′. This custom boat was commissioned by and engineered for a customer who liked speed as much as they liked luxury. Powered by twin Caterpillar 1800 HP diesel engines, the SL700 was capable of speeds of over 80mph.


After nearly a decade, Mystic outgrew its Port Orange facility and decided to move on to a larger space in DeLand, FL. By 2007 there were 5 boats, all 50 feet or larger, under construction and business was booming. This move helped catapult the Mystic Powerboats brand to the next level.

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The Mystic brand became red hot when Dave Scott, owner of the Bud Select race team, commissioned the second C5000 ever to be built. Dave is influential in the racing world and once he had a Mystic boat everyone wanted one.


Mystic produced its first 50 foot, six-person boat in 2011. This single build helped the brand transition from strictly racing into the pleasure boat market and significantly opened up its customer base.

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People took notice when Bill Tomlinson purchased a Mystic boat and laid down a 223 mph pass at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. Then, one year later, Sheik Hassan shattered that record with a 244 mph pass. These two boats cemented Mystic as the builders of the fastest off-shore catamarans on earth.


In 2015, production of the M4200 and C4400 o shore catamaran began. The M4200 became Mystic’s first performance center console with a V Hull and outboard-power, and the C4400 was built in response to requests for a smaller and more manageable version of the C5000.

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With Mystic founder John Cosker at the throttle, American Ethanol, a 51-foot Mystic catamaran, wins The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout as it has nearly every year since 2002. Topping out at over 200mph, this race reinforces the Mystic racing legacy.


Pulling influence from Mystic’s flagship model and responding to customer demand, the M3800 was born and added to the lineup. The M3800 is a perfect blend of size, speed, and luxury and great for those that like to tow easier and stay dryer while entertaining guests for the day.

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Purchasing the warehouse next door allowed Mystic to expand its footprint and create a stunning showroom and design center. Customers can visit to say hello or plan their next Mystic with one-to-one consultations and more comfort than ever before.


The company purchased an additional 25,000 square foot building adjacent to the existing buildings bringing the Mystic manufacturing plant to nearly 100,000 square feet on nearly 10 acres of property.

Also in 2021, the first full carbon fiber laminated C4000 was built. The combination of weight and power really takes the performance of this cat to another level.

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A new class of adventure arrived in 2022. This Mystic center console is here to lead the pack. The M5200 was designed for the ultimate experience and built for the biggest adventures. The new model was unveiled at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in August, and will make it’s global debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) in October.


Mystic has unveiled the next generation C4000 Outboard Catamaran. This C4000 is fully redesigned with a new restyled deck with a lower profile, larger cockpit, and more storage for a full day on the water! It is also fully equipped with a chemically strengthened laminated glass windshield for better optics and scratch resistance. Mystic has retained the great walk out rear cockpit arrangement for easy water access during your day on the water. The manufacturer is increasing production on this re-engineered model to reduce backlog. This C4000 Gen 2 model is known for its great rough water capabilities with a comfortable ride no matter what seas mother nature throws at you.


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