Mystic Models

Our customers have desires to have a faster and safer performance catamaran. Everything we bring to our clients is from a hi-tech engineering and special design background. All the models are created with safety in mind with the speeds our clients desire. Prior to the production of our first model, Mystic spent over 18 months in the design phase of the first model analyzing all the data and checking the criteria that would make the safest boat with the highest level of performance. From the years of research… The birth of the first Mystic Models brought record setting speed runs and multiple World Championships.

Sport Series

The Sport Series models are a line extension to the race model catamarans. Mystic brings all the data and experience learned from the racing models to the sport boats. The goal is to provide our customers with a model that provides soft interiors, quality workmanship and ease of use for those weekend poker runs and performance boating excursions.

The C4000 is built for customers looking for a performance boat that is easier to handle and typically not always making ocean excursions. The focus is to provide an affordable mainstream catamaran that is reliable and with the utmost dependability. It is designed for convenience and pleasure in mind along with easy towing and launching features and with the comfort to seat up to six people. The engine packages (Mercury, Ilmor and others) are designed for little or no maintenance, a turn-key solution with warranties, all while keeping with the speeds our high performance clients want. Learn More […]
The C5000S is designed and constructed to meet the needs of the high performance pleasure boater. With the same structural engineering and carbon fiber design as the C5000R, this pleasure model is also built for comfort and convenience. Not sacrificing power, the C5000S boasts turnkey packages with a warranty exceeding 1350 hp. With a custom looking design, the finishing touches prove to our customers that attention to detail matters. The sport series is the leader in high performance boating among recreational boaters. Learn More […]

Race Series

Development of the C5000R has produced an epic number of successful world champion boats in a short period of time. The 50’ catamaran is engineered to out-perform all other high performance catamarans on the high performance racing circuit. With a focus on safety, structural integrity, and race engine power plants, Mystic created a formula for success. The C5000R has successfully set numerous speed records with repeat National and World Offshore Racing Titles. Learn More […]

Custom Build

Our unique Custom Build partnerships is for buyers or companies looking for a company who has the technology in place as far as the manufacturing side… for prototyping, one-offs or a complete new line extension for themselves. They utilize our manufacturing facilities and deep engineering background and come to us with an idea or a partially built model to get it through to a final product stage. If it is a rendering from a napkin or partially engineered drawing, Mystic has the ability to turn that dream into a reality.

The development of the C62 is the offspring of a 55’ turbine boat by modeling it into a little bit more of a pleasure boat. The goal was to build a boat with warrantied engines, more mainstream style, a more usable and maintenance free pleasure boat, but without sacrificing speed. Learn More […]
The successful building of the first 55’ turbine powered dreamboat was for client, Dave Callan. The focus was to build a high performance powerboat from the ground-up through design and engineering. Learn More […]
A client wanting to be the first person to exceed 200 mph in a catamaran prompted the building of this 48’ boat. The boat was engineered and custom built to compete in extreme speed competitions. Proven successful, the Tencara 48’ achieved a record speed of 203 mph, which still stands today at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. Learn More […]
A previous yacht owner and new client was looking for his dreamboat. After working with other designers and engineering teams and having limited success, he turned to Mystic. With our design team, we turned a simple drawing into a state of the art yacht in service today. Learn More […]
Nigel Hook and Michael Silfverberg, working along side Ocke Mannerfelt, were looking for a domestic manufacturer to do structural engineering and to produce an extreme Vee Bottom high performance race boat. Mystic used in-house design capabilities to communicate with the client and ultimately built the boat in our domestic facilities. Learn More […]