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Mystic Powerboats Inc. was founded in 1996 by John Cosker in Melbourne, FL

After graduating college with a marine engineering degree, John spent six years working with industry notables such as Phil Rolla, Tom Gentry, John Connor, Mark Nemschoff and Fabio Buzzi.  Mystic was started in a backyard barn with the goal of building the finest offshore boats in America.  The first model was a 32 ft. offshore catamaran prototype which hit the water in 1997.  Shortly after the completion of this boat John was contacted by David Callan who had just founded Callan Marine.  Mystic was contracted for the design and engineering on a 55 ft. turbine powered V hull and the company was moved to Port Orange Florida near Daytona Beach for construction of that boat.  The 55 footer was powered with a pair of gas turbines and ran 120 mph.  This project was closely followed by the refit of an offshore racing catamaran which was built in Italy with a pair of gas turbines.  This was the first offshore catamaran to exceed the magical 200 mph number consistently and was crowned Top Gun at the 2004 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout with a speed of 203 mph.

In 2004 construction began on a 62 ft. diesel powered V hull of Cosker’s design.  This boat was powered with CAT 1,550 hp diesels and Arneson surface drives.  With this horsepower the boat was capable of an astounding 93 mph.  In the beginning of 2005 the company was moved to its present location in DeLand Florida, just west of Daytona Beach.  Construction of a new 30,000 square foot facility was completed in August of 2007 which now houses design / engineering, lamination, paint and rigging departments.  That same year saw the launch of a 70 ft. diesel powered V hull that was started from a customer’s sketch dream and was delivered as a running boat capable of over 80 mph in just over two years.

Production of Mystic’s 50 ft. offshore racing catamarans began in 2005 and some of the top offshore race teams in the US have campaigned them to great success.  The first 50 footer out of the mold “Miss Longlite” was crowned Top Gun at the LOTO shootout three years in a row with the 2007 event bringing a top speed of 209 mph.  The second boat out of the mold, “Budweiser Select” won the Key West World Championships in 2007 winning all three championship races.  2008 got off to a stellar start for Mystic with the newly renamed “Bud Light” boat winning its class in the first race of the 2008 season and setting a top speed race record of 194 mph.  2009 brought the entry of Mystic into the catamaran pleasure market with the release of new open top four seaters and as well as a six seat open and enclosed canopy version of the World Champion race boat.  The Nauti Marine Mystic (formerly Bud Light) took the LOTO Shootout Top Gun Award with a speed of 196 mph in 2009 making it the fifth year in a row Mystic has won that title.  2010 brought the full season debut of the “Miss Geico” Mystic.  This boat became an icon for the Geico brand winning many consecutive races and championships.

The production of the C5000r offshore race boat kicked into high gear stemmed from these early successes bringing boats to the water such as “My Way” 2011 & 2013 LOTO Shootout Top Gun with speeds of 208 and 223 mph.  The 2014 Shootout brought the “Spirit of Qatar” to the shootout with Sheik Hassan at the wheel for another Top Gun title for Mystic with an astounding record setting speed of 244 mph reinforcing once again that Mystic is the fastest offshore catamaran in the world by far.  The 2015 Shootout brought Don Onken’s beautiful black and yellow Mystic to the shootout with yet another Top Gun win for the company with a top speed of 208 mph.  This made the 10th Top Gun title for the company at the LOTO Shootout with hopefully many more to come.

In 2014 Mystic grew with two new models on the drawing board.  A new “baby Mystic” a smaller 44 ft. catamaran sibling to the iconic 50 footers was introduced at the Miami Boat Show in February of 2015 alongside a sharp departure in the model line, a 42 ft. luxury performance outboard powered center console.

The new 44 cat is everything the 50 has been and more in a smaller more manageable package.  With a next generation hull design from John Cosker this boat has a high hydrodynamic lift hull to make the boat handle better in the lower speed ranges to eliminate the annoying porpoising tendency many other cats have in lower speed ranges.  The interior is designed for the Poker Run and pleasure market with a six-person cockpit and a full wraparound windshield for ultimate comfort.  Capable of blistering speeds with stock power this smaller Mystic cat will be a force to be reckoned with.

The new 42 ft. center console is the product of a collaboration between Cosker and Scott Sjogren of Shogren Performance Marine fame.  Sjogren, once the largest Fountain Powerboats dealer in the world, had a vision of the Range Rover of the performance center console market and tasked Cosker to bring it to life.  Equipped with Mercury outboard power and a double stepped deep v hull design the boat is capable of over 80 mph with optional power and a dry soft ride this boat blasted onto the market with a long list of happy customers in just the first year of production.

Working in advanced lightweight epoxy construction, the hulls and decks are very light yet extremely strong.  The company is well versed in working with carbon fiber materials as well as conventional e-glass and aramid fabrics.  All models are designed using state of the art computer 3-D modeling.  The entire boat including hull/deck, propulsion systems and interior outfitting are modeled into the boats prior to construction to ensure optimal layouts and appointments.  State of the art rigging methods and only the finest equipment make the Mystic model line strong offshore boats made to take on the toughest water conditions in comfort, safety and style.

Mystic Powerboats Inc. has spent over twenty years building the skills and technology to create the finest powerboats in the world.  We look forward to working with creative customers as we strive to build our heritage one boat at a time.
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